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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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means a killer is on the run at this hour. that has everyone around here pretty anxious tonight, especially because this is the first time in more than three decades that there has been a murder in this community. stuff doesn't happen in princeton. we're just shocked. >> reporter: er in are frayed and residents are on edge following the murder of 27-year-old vanessa marcot. her body found last night in the woods off book station road just a half mile from her mother's house. ur burns to her head, hand and fee. we do know know if this was a random act we are asking residents of princeton and surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution. she graduated from honors from bu in 2011 and was living in new york where she worked for google as an account manager. the da said she had been in princeton for a true days visiting her mother and go gone for a walk or jog around 1:00
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by 4:00 her family notified police she was missing then at 8:30 last night the grim discovery. just absolutely unbelievable and i'm just grieving for that family. >> anchor: detectives who have had the crime scene sealed off for hours scour for clues. interview and reinterview neighbors. scramble to locate any possible surveillance video and turn to the public for help because right now no one can say for sure if this fatal attack was random or not. we would ask people to pay attention if you see anything suspicious or out of place, please contact the princeton police department. >> anchor: now late today google did issue a statement that reads vanessa marcot was a much loved member of the google teamworking in our new york office for the last year and a half and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work and love for boston sports. we are deeply shocked and saddened and our thoughts are with her family and friends. as for the investigation right
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this point. but again no arrests right now. we do know that extra patrols have been added in princeton just to help allay some fears of residents right now who are pretty concerned tonight and there was an autopsy conducted on the body earlier today but those results aren't being made public right now. live in princeton, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: steve is so right about those families in princeton. sad and frightened at the same time. parents worrying about their children with the killer still on the run. down hausle continues if you want to know what people are thinking and doing a good place to come is here at the mountain side market. kind of general store here and people do tell me because of this murder they are changing their habits. here at the mountain side market the air is filled with sad necessary and concern. shaken us to the core. people are very rattled. >> anchor: workers say police have been by asking if anyone saw vanessa marcot here sunday because the store would have
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morning for the first time in ten years. i had to dig it up and i brought it with me out of panic. >> anchor: market owner and lifelong residents robin springfield made sure her children were with friends instead of home alone today. i am worried about my kids because they walk around and play pokemon go and all of the other things and certainly think twice about it now. this doesn't happen around here. it just doesn't. >> reporter: many people jog or hike he her daughter. the mother now checking her watch and worrying when her daughter isn't back on time. i get little panicky just because she is my kid. i think it's terrifying and i'm probably terrified to be running or hiking alone around here. i just don't know who would come to princeton and with that in mind. >> anchor: people find themselves wondering if the killer or killers might still be in the area. it's the sense that who is
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or what really happened. and that, the unknown is what makes people very uncomfortable. >> anchor: people say those extra patrols they help but until investigators have solid answers people will be doing things a little differently around here. live in princeton, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: and there is more news breaking news we're following on 7 news at 6:00 a state police cruiser swiped from southie but found hours later in somerville. officers are now trying to figure out who stole the police suv. to speed here this evening. nick? a bit of a mystery as to how something like this could happen. i will step out of the way so you can see where that state police cruiser was parked earlier this morning. this is a massachusetts department of transportation maintenance yard. the vehicle was apparently being worked on for some engine issues. we're told that the vehicle that was taken is actually a spare vehicle so it wasn't assigned to a trooper specifically but it is
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to turn in their cruiser. as of right now the investigation is ongoing as to how this happened like i said but what state police really want to emphasize is once they realize this car was taken, they shut down the radio and so it could not communicate to anyone else or it couldn't listen to anything else and they wanted to stress there were no lethal or less than lethal inside their vehicle. it was then found in a parking lot in somerville around 12:45 this afternoon. no damage was done to the car, so are trying to figure out how a state police mark cruiser could make its way out of this maintenance yard. there is surveillance cameras on site here so you can bet they will be looking at everything they possibly can to try to figure out what happened earlier this morning. that's the latest live in south boston, nick emons, 7 news.. >> anchor: time out to head into the olympic zone and some strong starts for team u.s.a. needham's own aly raisman wowing
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grab just one of two spots for the all around finals then there is michael phelps setting a gold standard in his first medal event giving his team an insurmount be lead in the 400 freestyle relay. we're only a few days in and there have already been so many memorable moments. >> anchor: that's the way we like it. there has been a lot more action today taking a live look from rio right now. the cauldron burning brightly there behind those spinning mirrors if you will. as we lead up to competition amorsino with the latest from rio. . >> reporter: a busy day out there and we'll start with women's hoops and our ladies just keep on rolling. the u.s. took on spain today and crushed them 103-63 that made it 43 in a row for u.s. women's basketball team. they haven't lost since 1992. it was a real team win as well. nine players scored at least points in that game. now to our spoiler alert. you want to warn you right now like we do every time these are
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results, you can turn away for about a minute. again, you can see these events in prime time right here on 7 nbc tonight. so if you want to be surprised, look away and cover your ears for about 30 seconds. this is your last warning. it is time for the spoiler alert. here are the results from the men's synchronized platform diving of the american team of david boudiah and steel johnson taking silver in the men's synchronized ten meter platform. china finished first with an civilic record score. lv has ever placed in this event. t the first olympic medal for the 20-year-old johnson an third for bodiah. staying in the pool but gaining speed michael phelps racing today. the winningest olympian of all-time didn't post as fast his time coming in 5th but more than enough to qualify for the 200 meter butterfly semi-finals. he did get the biggest ovation from the crowd as his legend continues to grow.
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on the women's side katie ledecky again stealing the show coming off her world record breaking night last night. the 19-year-old continues to crush the competition. she had the best overall time in the 200 meter freestyle preliminaries and missy franklin will move on to the semi-finals as well as her 12th place finish today. all of the u.s. swimmers will be back in the pool tonight and you can catch that right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, joe. so it's going to be another t here on 7 nbc. >> anchor: besides michael phelps and katie and the pool there are few things you don't want to miss. the machine's gymnastics final. they are in second place, heading into tonight's action. the men's synchronized diving, olympic gold medalist takes the platform with a new partner and kerry walsh jennings and april ross take the stand for another round of women's beach volley ball. >> anchor: during the games they are some of the most watched parents in the stand.
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again coming up 7's nancy chen will speak with them about raising an olympian. >> anchor: also ahead, giselle opening up about her runway walk during the opening ceremony. what she had to say about that and the support she is getting from husband tom brady. >> anchor: don't forget we're adding an extra half hour of today in new england during the summer games so if you miss any of the action you will be able to see highlights and headlines from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. >> anchor: coming up here at 6:00 as we continue, but there could be a chance for some rain soon. jeremy? >> anchor: we could desperately use rain for the drought. it's in the forecast this week. i will let you know which i did or days in a few minutes. >> anchor: plus, as nature ebner goes for gold his patriots teammates chasing another title
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>> anchor: tagging you now into the olympic zone. needham native aly raisman's parents were aed again last night. >> anchor: you think she is drawing blood or just leaving marks. i at the that feeling. i don't have an civilian in my family are watching them compete and they gave their own kind of show with the facial expressions the back and forth while their daughter performed. kind of like when i used to play nintendo. similar body movement. anyway, you can tell they really got into it and they really want her to succeed. >> anchor: they have been there
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went to rio nancy chen spoke with them about raising an olympian. . america first got a glimpse of alley raise in's parent four years ago. this reaction video of aly's exercise went video. catch it! nice. we found out after that nbc put us on like live tv before the second night and we're like oh my god. second video watching her compete, it is crazy because we didn't realize it. you didn't realize how crazy we were acting. >> reporter: four years later they are reality stars. it's been a fun ride. aly isn't superstitious but her family has rotating seating arrangements to keep the mo joe floating. we are a little superstitious. all to give her an extra boost to give her a second round of medals. you need a little luck on
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work that she has put in will help her with her luck. aly looks to her parents for grounding. i rely on them and use them whenever i am having a rough day or whenever i am nervous. they know how much i care about it so they just want me to be happy with the end result.. she usually always calls us before she goes. like if she is on an assignment she will call us and we say love you, have fun. you got it. it's very brief but that's like her ritual. >> reporter: beyond olympic skills it's how with teammates that makes her parents most proud. aly is always about the team before herself. she is always helping all of the other gymnasts. she always is hugging them and talking to them and making sure they are okay and she is a special kid when it comes to that. in rio, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: just sounds like an all around great girl. i know. so i feel badly doing this but there might be some sun out there today. or some rain.
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when you watch your daughter play ball. i do. sunshine tomorrow and then there is some rain on the way. we'll talk more about that in a bit. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 the brave and every boy scout ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ? ? that's how we live ? ? 4 by 4ever ? >> anchor: welcome back. giselle bundchen showing off her brazilian pride during the olympics opening ceremony. >> anchor: the supermodel spoke
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important it was for her to walk that runway. she also talked about her husband patriots qb tom brady who posted a message on facebook to congratulate her. i love you. makes me emotional. pats, pats, pats. he is so sweet. he is my husband, of course. thank you. thank you, lovy, thank you. >> anchor: giselle said she was honored the people of brazil chose her to be pat of the opening ceremony. >> anchor: mostly sunny skies, boston right now 81, plymouth at 78. little warmer farther inland but the dew point temperatures lower look at the dew point in bedford. 41. norwood dew point at 47. enjoy it because as we work through the next several days more so midweek and beyond it turns uncomfortable across southern new england, tropical air mass headed up the eastern seaboard thursday and fried. dewpoints in the lower 70's. tomorrow one more nice, dry, comfortable day.
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well will come the increase in some scattered showers and storms from this weather system to our south. again it has a ways to go so it won't bother us tonight or through the day tomorrow but i think the chance of rain is there on wednesday. scattered showers and storm. tonight mostly clear, comfortable, lows 55 to 5 through the day tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, a few more clouds in the afternoon. a day once again featuring relatively low humidity. 82 to 87. great beach day tomorrow. i know it's taco tuesday but still looking grand. sunshine, low tide 10: 29. high tide at 4:46 tomorrow evening. red sox back home tomorrow night take on yankees that will feature lots of sunshine. warm with temperatures at first pitch tomorrow in the lower 80's. now on to wednesday, here comes that tropical moisture again not really tied to a storm or anything like that. but perhaps hopefully some beneficial rain with a lot of clouds and a scattering of showers and storms. i think the best chance of the rain on thursday will be a long south of the mass pike.
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the purple where you have upwards of an inform of rain possible. then as you head farther north through the merrimack and up into southern new hampshire, perhaps as much as a quarter of an inch of rain. rio had a fair ahead of clouds today and a lot overnight tonight as well as through the day tomorrow with most of the rain remaining offshore. your 7 on 7 forecast again to borough a line from joe ammo these are highlights if you don't want to see them, look away now. building heat and humidity thursday and friday with all sorts of tropical air across the northeast. see you at 7:00. >> anchor: everybody has a to do list when company comes to town. change sheets, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom. the list goes on and on and patriots nor different. ironing out some final details before the saints arrive for two days of joint practices ahead of thursday's preseason opener. rhine stork back at practice this morning for the patriots.
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in team drills as he recovers from a concussion. also notable harmon losing his red non-can't jersey and on the other side of the ball 7's trey daerr has more on three patriots looking to lock down a roster spot. there may be no pair of players on patriots roster with more ability than rob gronkowski and bennett. i can say i have been with good tight end groups but this is the one most skilled. there may be no two with a better% nasty either. you never know what ll fun. clay a bit more calculated but his objective is the same nonetheless. you just compete to see who is the best player and who is a better fit for the team and you push each other to get better. >> anchor: harbor solidifying his spot in new england while dobson is . i have been in the same system for a couple years so a little more comfortableroll is. whatever i can make my roll is. >> anchor: of all the story
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interesting would be that of tyler gaffney. a kid that tried pro baseball but returned back to football. i am real excited. this is what have you been waiting for as a high school athlete, college athlete but it all together. he was drafted in the nfl but has yet to appear after back to back season ending injuries. it sucks, man. you come out here, you work, you feel just as hard as everyone else to have an injury take that away from you. it feels good and to be in this game again. to be around teammates. in foxboro, trey daerr, 7 sports. >> anchor: red sox unpacking and resting up civiling home after an 11 game west coast road trip finishing with that record of 5 and . they rebound from a june swoon but august is not getting off to the kind of start they will need to keep pace in this pennest chase. through 7 games in august the sox offense ranks near the bottom of the league in average
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wasting some good pitching here. there are 2.80 era, sixth best this baseball. down to rio team u.s.a. in the drivers seat leading the overall medal count with a total of 13, china and japan are tied for second with ten medals a piece. staying at the games the men's croatian basketball team clinging to a two point lead over spain. dario sarich steals it and seals it the buzzer. we'll see him with the sixers this season. his swat gets our play of the day. after taking tonight off the red sox start up a six game homestand tomorrow night welcoming the yankees to fenway for the first of three. that's sports, 7 news continues
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>> anchor: time went quickly today. this our time for 7 news at 0 clock. thank you so much for watching. i am adam william. i'm kim khazei. weep hope you have a great evening. "nightly news" is next. we have 7 news at 7:00 coming up then all night a great night of
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meltdown, chaos as delta suffers a worldwide crisis. terminals packed with water slide tragedy, a 10-year-old boy dies on the tallest water slide in the world. a terrifying accident and growing questions tonight about what happened. sounding the alarm, 50 senior republicans warning donald trump would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history, showing his support is cratering. and gold in rio.


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